Is Your Co-worker Literally Making You Sick?: Toxic Workplace Bullies

How can the toxic behaviors of a workplace bully impact the co-worker?

In a recent article I wrote, we looked at 8 characteristics of a workplace bully. Today’s article will focus on how those eight general characteristics may, collectively and potentially, increase the risk of significant impairment for the person being targeted by the workplace bully.

 While there are diverse responses to certain types of workplace stresses, there are none-the-less common features that can create a perfect storm of physical and psychological issues.


Are You or Someone You Know Experiencing a Collection of These Symptoms?

  • stomach problems / decreased appetite / significant weight loss or gain
  • nausea / diarrhea / constipation
  • heart palpitations / sweaty palms or armpits / difficulty catching your breath
  • blood pressure fluctuation
  • increased frequency of headaches or migraines
  • difficulty shaking a cold or other virus / compromised immune system
  • hair-loss / irregular menstruation cycle / sexual difficulties / decreased interest in sex
  • fatigue / exhaustion / burn-out
  • skin break-outs or irruptions / rashes
  • irritability / excessive worry / forgetfullnes / difficulty concentrating or staying on task
  • difficulty sleeping / bad dreams / distracting thoughts about being humiliated or ridiculed
  • questioning your own reality / decreasing self-esteem / minimizing the bully’s behaviors
  • fantasies about retribution (getting even) with the workplace bully
  • lack of enjoyment of previously enjoyed activities
  • isolation / withdrawing from work-related outings or other social interactions
  • tearfulness / unshakable sadness
  • self mutilation
  • increased startle response
  • hyper-awareness about the approval of other people
  • helplessness / hopelessness / emotionally numbness
  • compromised sobriety

Other Consequences of Being The Target of a Workplace Bully

  • The unintended use of vacation, sick, or personal leave
  • Financial hardship
  • Relationship challenges with family, friends, and spouse.
Perhaps you recognize these symptoms and know someone who can benefit from reading this article.

DisclaimerThis article is not meant to be a counseling, therapy or advice-giving tool. It is not to be used to diagnosis or treat any disorders, diseases, or symptoms. Please consult a personal professional for assessment, evaluation, treatment or advice.

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