Concierge Packages

This Premium Concierge Package has traditionally been the best fit for the individual, couple or parent who believes that mental health is just as important as physical and dental health care. However, due to their busy lifestyle, they require considerably more flexible options. The Premium Concierge Package can include but is not limited to…
Up to 6 sessions/month + 24/7 Private Phone Access


–  Your Office or My Office
–  Studio
–  School (traditionally for minor children) + School Staff Consultations
–  Backstage
–  TV/Movie Trailer
–  Walk-n-Talk
–  Home
–  Hospital
–  Live Tele-session (e.g., phone or live video access)

This Early-Bird Concierge package responds to the professional who prefers to incorporate his or her sessions into an early business day schedule (6am-2pm)
The Concierge Package can include but is not limited to…
4 weekly sessions/month



– My Office or Your Office
– School  (traditionally for minor children) + School Staff Consultations)
– Walk-n-Talk
– Studio
– Live Tele-session

This Commercial Break package has been the preferred option for professionals who may no longer require weekly sessions but may still benefit from check-in support or “booster” sessions.

The Commercial Break Package can include but is not limited to…
Up to 2 sessions/month


– Your Office or My Office
– Walk-n-Talk
– Home
– Live Tele-session


Due to insurance companies’ policies regarding diagnosis, privacy, and length of treatment, I have chosen to opt out of health insurance networks and operate on a fee for service basis. If you need to use your insurance, let’s talk.


Our United Talents Process Group provides a safe and supportive place where a small group  of diverse (entertainment, sports, and creative) talents join to share common concerns and issues. Although the group is quite diverse, individuals are able to better understand their own situation as well as support each other.