Meet Dr. Brigitte

Dr. Brigitte, Concierge Clinical PsychologistPerhaps your asking, “Does she have any idea what it’s like?”

Interestingly, although talent professionals  are vastly diverse and unique, they consistently share commonalities. I imagine you’re wondering,  if I have any inkling of what it’s like.
As a child I was a classically trained flutist. However, I was allowed to pursue a passion that was not influenced by parents or peers. Thankfully as a teen, I was fortunate enough to receive formal training in the arts of communication, as well as, performance.  My mentor believed in me enough to expose me to the world  of performing, which fostered self-esteem, humility, as well as, an ability to speak extemporaneously in front of large crowds – with little preparation. Although I possessed advanced skills, I none-the-less, experienced chronic bouts of anxiety, physical symptoms, and catastrophizing.  At one point, my middle name was “but…what-if.”  I regularly needed reassurances that my perceived shortcomings, were merely in my head. Fortunately as a young adult, I was still able to take my performance skills and monetize them in order to fund my undergraduate education.

For the past 15+ years of serving in the healing profession with diverse professional clients, two things are consistently evident. That is, entertainment, creative,  and sports-clients are brilliant, unique and possess vast and diverse streams of knowledge and passions associated with their crafts.  Throughout the years, during their quests for the proverbial “brass ring,” clients typically report that one or more areas of their functioning is always negatively affected.  As a person who was exposed to adult levels of competition at a young age – I Get It!

Over the years, while pursuing my passion as a helping professional, I have assured each client that their anxieties, worries, fears, and blocks, are absolutely NOT unique.  It makes my heart swell as I recall the benefits clients receive once they stopped buying into the urban myth that, “Creatives MUST suffer for the sake of their craft.” I’ve seen significant and measurable positive changes as individuals embraced a healthier mindset about the fears of success and failure, finances, intimacy, as well as, acknowledging the absolute importance of self-advocacy.

I hope you embrace the thought that, like my other clients, you too may be able to express a measurable sense of relief as you begin to appreciate that you are not alone regarding your thoughts, perceptions, and reactions.  Let’s begin to celebrate your  success for balancing your passion and purpose with your personal relationships.

I consider every last one of the professionals with whom I work – A Success Story.
I’m glad you stopped by and I am looking forward to hearing your story.

Cheers To Your Mental-Wealth,
Brigitte  (California Lic PSY25063)

To those who are interested in my educational/training credentials, here is some additional info.

UCLA – Psychology, BA
CSPP LA – Clinical Psychology, MA
CSPP LA – Clinical Psychology, PsyD

Additional Advance Experience:

  • California Professional License for Clinical Psychology – PSY25063
  • Infant and Child Psychology
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Sexually Exploited Children
  • Home-based Mental Health Support
  • Homeless Sheltered Families

School-based Experience:

  • School-based Coordinator (Los Angeles and Ventura Counties Schools)
  • School-based Psychologist
  • Glendale Unified School District Schools
  • Los Angeles Unified School District Schools
  1. San Gabriel Valley Schools
  2. California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, aka  Cal Poly Pomona (Assessment & Evaluations)