Your Common Questions


*  I don’t work in the entertainment industry and I’m not a creative or a sport professional.  Does this mean you won’t work with me or my child?

Absolutely not.  Although I work primarily with this demographic,  I get regular and frequent requests from individuals who are not entertainment, creative, or sports professionals.  As a matter of fact, although some of my clients are not in the “industry,” they frequently comment about the premium fridge benefits that come along with my services.  Always remember, when it comes to my Concierge service delivery system, “You do not have to be a star in order to be treated like one.”
Don’t hesitate to call for my absolutely free informational meeting.  Let’s see if I am a good fit. 424.235.7002

*  Sometimes the crazy Los Angeles traffic makes it difficult to get to some of my appointments.  Do you provide more than one option to meet?

Yes.  I know your time is precious. I am one of a handful of  licensed Private Practice Psychologists in the Greater Los Angeles area who provides a unique, innovative and client-friendly approach to therapy without walls.  I bring the therapy to you or your family member. This is better known as “Concierge” Psychotherapy. Many entertainment and sport professionals may only be able to meet with me during their short mid-day breaks.  As a result, they may not be able to  return to their movie- set, studio, office, or home in a timely manner.  I design Concierge Packages that can include,  on-set,  office,  or home sessions.  This also  provides an opportunity for some high profile individuals to avoid entering public places.
* For clients who reside or have projects outside the greater Los Angeles area, Tele-sessions can be easily arranged.

*  It seems as though therapy is for 50 minutes.  Is that always necessary?

Actually 50-minute sessions are not set in stone. Due to the unique nature of schedules for entertainment and creative professionals, sessions routinely range from thirty (30) minutes to sixty (60) minutes.  Additionally, the Concierge Packages offer other flexible options to accommodate your lifestyle, budget and schedule.

*  I have a child and manage her career but I don’t want to take her out of school for therapy.  However, she needs therapy.

This is a common concern for the primary caregivers of school-age children.  I have 15+ years of experience working collaboratively with parents, principles, teachers, and school psychologists.   It is not uncommon for me to provide school-based support while the child remains at school.  If your child is on location and has a studio teacher or a set tutor, arrangements can be made to collaborate in compliance with Screen Actors Guild or The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists unions, and California regulations.  It is  my experience that the  most effective results are often co-related to the least disruptive approach to the child’s school schedule.

*  Do I have to use my insurance?  Privacy is very important to me.

No, you do not have to use your insurance. I strongly believe that confidentiality is a significant part of the therapeutic process. This policy further helps me protect your privacy.  My entertainer-industry clients understand when using insurance, some diagnoses may negatively impact their eligibility for future health insurance, as well as, work projects.

However, if you want to use your insurance, please call me (818.308.5658 or 424.235.7002) so that we can further discuss your options. I accept cash, checks, PayPal, & credit cards

*  Do you offer group therapy for individuals like me?

Therapy Network for Actors, Entertainment, and Creative ProfessionalsYes.  As a matter of fact, I host a therapy group on Wednesdays (6p-7:15p).       Our United Talents Process Group provides a safe and supportive place where a small group  of diverse talents (entertainment, sports, and creative) join to share common concerns and issues. Although the group is quite diverse, individuals are able to better understand their own situation as well as support each other.

Don’t hesitate to call.  Let’s see if I am a good fit. 424.235.7002

*  Well, so far you sound like a good fit for me. What if I have a few more questions?

Oh your questions are more than welcome.  Feel free to either call (424.235.7002) or email ( anytime.

*  Brigitte, I’d really like to get started as soon as possible. What’s the next step?

Great! All you’ll need to do at this point is call 424.235.7002 anytime for your NO-COST consultation. I look forward to meeting you.